Friday, 25 October 2013

Pre-Masters, Post-Grand Prix

Having been away so long, and now coming back to blogging, I feel a bit like the woman who presented "Watch with Mother" - So children, what have we learned?

One thing we have learned for god-damned sure, as if it were a lesson we should ever have forgotten, is not to write off Phil Taylor.

It's at least a year or so since I wrote a proper blog post; during that year Michael van Gerwen has in particular shown us what a frankly phenomenal talent he can be. Remember a few years back when he was a promising youngster who hadn't lived up to expectations? We've seen for sure, over the last couple of years, that Michael van Gerwen's talent is little short of staggering.


There's always a "but", and in sport that's good - it's that "but" which makes life exciting. Anyone who witnessed Dave Chisnall take van Gerwen down in the quarter finals of the World Grand Prix will have realised that MVG is not the only player with a frankly phenomenal level of talent. Chizzy lost in the final, but we know what he's capable of. We knew that when he moved over from the BDO he was capable of playing a darts match which is simply sublime; he's also capable of making a right cock-up, but let's face it which of us is not?

Adrian Lewis has not been having a good time of it lately, but we know what he can do when he's on form; it is simply magnificent.

Taylor is still showing the brilliant consistency that has taken him to the top; will he retire any time soon? He has said when he's 55, and that's fair enough, but while he's still winning tournaments why quit?

One good show in the Grand Prix was Justin Pipe; it's always good to see a floor player come through and create a shock. Others it would be cracking to see do well: Dennis Ovens (I've a soft-spot for him; he was playing pro darts when Taylor was making khazi handles), Brendan Dolan (first and only man to do a nine-darter in a double start match; obviously a tremendously capable player); Wayne Jones (I'd love to see the Wanderer do well).

Next tournament is the Masters on November 1st; I'll be watching and writing.

Happy throwing until then :o)

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