Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Beginning of the New "Season"

Boy, do I have some cobwebs to blow away from this blog - I feel like someone who has decided to take up gardening again after ten years, opening the shed door for the first time :o)

There are reasons for this lengthy absence. The more astute amongst the readers of this blog may have noticed that there were no write-ups of either the World Matchplay or the European Championship - this is because, much as I would have liked to do them, the month of July was too frantically busy to permit it.

I know darts doesn't really have seasons, but for a TV viewer such as myself there is a definite feeling that the European Championship, at the end of July, marks the end of the "season", as there is then a two month gap before televised darts kicks off again in October with the World Grand Prix. Thus in August and September there wasn't that much for me to write about, which in a way is fortunate since I was travelling much of the time in any case.

However, we are now approaching the beginning of October and the televised "season" is just over the horizon - with the added promise of a Phil Taylor fresh from two major televised victories :o)

With 4 televised tournaments coming up over the next 3 months, we'll soon be back to full throttle, and I shall be making a valiant effort to write up every throw - which, with my PhD to finish, a group of students to teach theol0ogy to and another group's welfare to look after, should be fun :o)

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