Sunday, 5 June 2011

2011 UK Open - Time for Super Sunday!

Well, the most gruelling weekend of professional darts is halfway through, and as if last night's drama wasn't enough there's the promise of plenty more today :o)

My girlfriend is rather nervous about the prospect of James Wade taking on Paul Nicholson, and after his superb performances against Gary Anderson and Phil Taylor yesterday she has every right to be. Nicholson played brilliantly in both games; holding his nerve against Taylor in an utter nail biter showed real bottle.

Not that Wade was in shrinking-violet form yesterday either - on the contrary, after his cracking defeats of Terry Jenkins and Richie Burnett he too is on the crest of a wave, mentally and physically. Pitting him against Nicholson feels a bit like firing two particles towards each other in the Large Hadron Collider - no one knows what's going to happen, but it's liable to be spectacular.

'Mile High' Mark Hylton takes on Denis Ovens, who's going to need all his experience and stamina to bring down this high-flyer. Hylton's on the form of his life, and this match too has great promise.

Dave Chisnall, who vanquished Ronnie Baxter and John Bowles, will have his work cut out against Wes 'Ave It' Newton, who demolished Raymond van Barneveld in a manner so cold and clinical it would have made Carlos the Jackal nervous.

Mark Webster, who in going from 6-0 no-hoper to 9-8 victor against Co Stompe made what must be one of the most impressive comebacks since Lazarus, will be hoping his luck holds against Robert Thornton, who looks impressively solid and workman-like.

Taylor departed, Barney following, Anderson fallen by the way side, Lewis a distant memory; so many toppled greats, and yet the remaining line up is as impressive as anyone could wish for, and crackling with sporting drama - remember those journalists who keep saying the future looks bleak for darts? :o)

Best of luck lads, and give us a Super Sunday to remember... :o)

PS - my girlfriend has just gently reminded me ("You Bugger!") that I have neglected to mention James Wade's superb 124 Checkout against Richie Burnett - I have now done so :o)

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