Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Well, it had to happen sometime...

And now it has :o)

Following a very nice email alerting me to the existence of a darting social network site called Dartbook, I have decided to allow myself to be dragged into the 21st Century and signed up.

There's lots of strange buttons and things, and I'm not sure what most of them do yet, but I daresay I'll figure it out in the weeks to come :o)

In any case, if you've come to this blog from Dartbook, welcome! And if you've come to this blog unaware of Dartbook, do check it out.

And yes, I am aware that my portfolio of Premier League write-ups is missing Week 3. On that particular evening I was unavoidably detained in a pub by an old friend, with a quantity of alcoholic beverages which is almost certainly not recommended by leading health professionals :o) Consequently, in an unforgivable dereliction of duty, I missed Week 3.

However, my girlfriend is back with me this week, and she will be glued to James Wade as per usual, so there's no chance of me missing this week's action - not that I have any intention of doing so :o)

All the best til Thursday :o)

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you joining Dartbook, I think it will be a great social networking site for dart players.