Wednesday, 16 February 2011

2011 in Full Darting Swing

Right, erm, well, ahem...

Firstly, apologies for not being around to update this blog for over a month. The good news is that from the end of this month I will have more free time to watch, play and blog about darts; the bad news is that this is because I have been made redundant from my job, and have spent the last month or so scrabbling around to find sufficent moolah to enable me to carry on studying for my PhD - hence the lack of blogging.

However, I've just about managed to do so and I think things will be ok; there's a lot of people facing harder times than me, and I'm not going to insult them by complaining about my lot.

So, just a quick catch up...

Phil Taylor took the Players' Championship, following an incredible comeback from 5-0 down to 10-8 ahead against Mervyn King with a thrilling 13-12 win over Gary Anderson. The Power's newly-rediscovered form was looking lost again, however, when he took an 8-2 drubbing (what other word is there?) from Adrian Lewis in the first Premier League match of the year.

The Premier League is looking good this year, with up-and-coming players like Mark Webster and Gary Anderson up against old(er) war-horses like Taylor and Barneveld. Come to think of it, the Premier League is damn good entertainment any year - and it has the courtesy to come to Newcastle :o)

I think we're in for a cracking 2011 darts-wise, ladies and gents - Adie Lewis is firing on all cylinders, the Power's still potent, Anderson's ambitious, and there's no shortage of other contenders snapping at their heels. What could be better?

I'll be watching and writing as much as possible from now on - heck, we unemployed students have to do something with our time :o)

Oh and speaking of which, I did manage to hit a 154 check-out the other day which I'm extraordinarily chuffed about. I've never even come close to such a feat before or since, but nothing can take the edge off my happiness about my finest darting moment.

At least, it will be until I manage to hit a 180, which at the current rate should be about August 2072 :o)


Hello Lenny - very happy to give your blog Tectonic Tungsten a link :o)

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  1. Thanks Darter you are a true gent. I'm looking forward to a cracking night of premier league action, hope you have a good one. By the way I'm glad you managed to scrabble the moolah.