Monday, 20 December 2010

Phil Taylor: Runner Up for BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Image courtesy of the nice folks at the PDC who hopefully, since this blog is not-for-profit (much like its author, sadly), will be good sports and refrain from suing me :o)

Sadly the Power didn't win, though he was so happy you'd be forgiven for thinking he had :o)

Jockey Tony 'AP' McCoy, who has a record of victories similar to Taylor's own, did that by a margin that can only be described as 'stonking' (293,000 to Phil's 72,000). Still, coming runner-up out of 10 is pretty darn respectable; I think it's indicative of how much the perception of darts has changed over the years and that change is due, not exclusively but in no small part, to Phil Taylor.

Ok, only 1% of the population actually voted and we should keep things in perspective, but even so the BBC SPOTY is a pretty prestigious award, and to have a darts player come second at a ceremony with the likes of David Beckham, Sir Bobby Charlton, and the winning Ryder Cup Team suggests something positive, wouldn't you say?

Hope everyone's enjoying the First Round of the World Championship; tonight will feature a bit of a grudge match for my girlfriend as her hero James Wade takes on Antonio Alcinas, half of the Spanish duo who unceremoniously dumped Wade and Taylor out of the World Cup.

First Round ends on 23rd December, so on Christmas Eve I shall be sitting at my desk, like a Bob Cratchit for the Internet Age, to write up the action so far :o)

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