Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Winmau World Masters

I had intended to write a blog post after the first televised day (Saturday) of the Winmau World Masters and then another after the Finals on Sunday, but when I sat down to my laptop to write, I completely drew a blank. That's how exciting the Winmau World Masters was.

Martin Adams managed to make it a hat trick of World Masters, for which he deserves every congratulation. I have a lot of respect for Martin Adams, and there's no denying he's a great darts player. The biggest problem, I find, is that with very few exceptions (Scott Waites, Tony O'Shea, Ted Hankey, Daryl Fitton) he's about the only one.

This makes for a somewhat lacklustre standard, despite the skills of certain individuals. Combine this with the almost total lack of atmosphere (even half the audience in Hull looked like they were nodding off from time to time), and it doesn't make for particularly good viewing.

I also found myself increasingly irked by the constant references to Martin Adams as "the world number 1". As I said, Martin Adams is a great darts player but he is not, by quite some margin, the best in the world. Newcastle United was the top ranked football club in England last season, as long as nobody mentions the 20 Premier League clubs.

Chris Mason's description of the last Lakeside World Championship as "car crash television" was, I thought, unfair. There is no denying, however, that when it comes to top class players and exciting television viewing, the BDO is lagging way behind the rival it never mentions.

Martin Adams once described the difference between the PDC and the BDO thus: "They do Sports Entertainment. We do pure Sport." I don't think he meant to imply that the PDC is entertaining and the BDO isn't, but sadly that seems to be exactly the case.

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