Friday, 12 November 2010

Grand Slam of Darts 2010

The much awaited (well, it has been by me anyway) Grand Slam of Darts kicks off tomorrow.

I love this tournament. I love the fact that you get top BDO and PDC players together; I love the fact that the ladies play along side the men; I love the fact that Tricia Wright is basically Stephanie Cole (remember Waiting for God?) with a set of darts.

Top of the bill must be Phil Taylor v. Ted Hankey, who are guaranteed a meeting having been drawn together in group H, alongside Wes Newton and Michael van Gerwen. Ted Hankey was on the brink of kicking off at the crowd during the Winmau World Masters; given that being in the crowd at a BDO tournament is a bit like being in a Library compared to being in the crowd at a major PDC tournament, it should be interesting to see how that one pans out, though I hope the two players get the chance to play their best darts against each other.

All the rest of the details of this delicious darting draw are available here. I'm aiming to write up each day's televised viewing with commentary for consumption here, which will no doubt be a great boon to my 3 or 4 regular readers :o) Still, who said building a blog following was easy eh? I'm thinking of advertising on Facebook - Driving Traffic, as it is known in the jargon heavy field of PR. Is that a good idea?

On a happier note, I have had my dartboard up for a couple of weeks now, and although my throwing is still in the shotgun range of accuracy, it is improving. Does anyone else think that an hour or so (often less) of me throwing darts per day does not render my girlfriend a "darts widow"? :o)

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