Sunday, 21 November 2010

Grand Slam of Darts 2010 - Quarter Finals

Well, who'd a thought it eh? Taylor beaten by Beaton (sorry, couldn't help it).

Taylor looked like he was cruising at 14-11 ahead, and then Beaton, in a manner reminiscent of the Power Rangers, at the end of an episode when they're taking a kicking, all leaping together to produce something slightly more hard-core than stripey Spandex, rolled off 5 legs on the trot to take the match!

To be fair, most of the quarter finals were superb contests and great TV; Jones-Anderson saw the Wanderer go through to the semis 16-15, Wade-Jenkins was another absolute nail-biter (or, in the case of my girlfriend, boyfriend's arm-ripper-offer), with both players having darts for the match in the 31st leg but Wade taking the chance first and winning 16-15 and Taylor-Beaton was an epic contest between two brilliant players.

One could question whether Beaton would have beaten Taylor if the Power had played his best darts, but that would be somewhat unfair to Steve Beaton. No darts player, not even Taylor, is invincible, especially not by this stage of a tournament like the Grand Slam when all the players left standing can throw terrific darts. Taylor is brilliant, and has had an incredible level of consistency over the years, but he's not infallible and Steve Beaton deserves every credit for the way he's been playing throughout this tournament.

The only match which did not go all (or virtually all) the way was Scott Waites versus a certain Jacobus Wilhelm Stompe Esquire. We've seen many times that a player who produces a brilliant and dazzling display to win one match ends up running on empty for the next one, and that seems to be what happened to Stompe, who just couldn't stand upt to Waites and went down 16-10.

Wade v. Jones and Waites v. Beaton coming up today, and then the final this afternoon; all these players have given us a terrific week of brilliant darts and sheer sporting drama, and the best of luck to all of them :o)

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