Monday, 15 November 2010

Grand Slam of Darts 2010 - Day 2

So much darts, so little time....

If Saturday evening gave us a sedate start to the GSOD, Sunday saw the tournament put its foot down and then some.

Full reports on all Sunday's matches (of which there were a fair old few) can be read here, and I will not attempt to write about all of them, though I will flag up a few highlights.

First off: Co Stompe v. Scott Waites. Scott Waites was cruising 4-0 up at the break. Did Co Stompe try intercessionary prayer at the break? Is there a patron saint of darts? St Sebastian would be a good, if tasteless, choice...

Anyway, whatever he did, it worked. By the end of the next 4 legs my socks had been so badly blown off I had to pull them out of the dry wall. Stompe took all 4 on the trot to set up a thrilling decider, which Scott Waites finally took to secure victory. Missed doubles for the match were all that stood between the Dutchman and a remarkable come-back.

Simon Whitlock played much better than on Saturday, but it wasn't enough to prevent the Wizard of Oz from going out of the GSOD after losing to fellow wizard Colin Osborne in another nail biter. Osborne produced what must rank as his best ever televised performance, with both players averaging around the 100 mark.

Although the match itself wasn't a classic, with both players, and Michael van Gerwen in particular, throwing well under par, the Taylor v. van Gerwen match was historically noteworthy as the first occasion on which the Power played wearing glasses. He was evidently uncomfortable in them, lifting them up at every opportunity. All I'll say is: Phil, I've been wearing them for 20 years - you'll get used to them :o)

My other half was not a happy bunny as the Silverback Tony O'Shea brushed James Wade aside 5-1. I must confess that was not a result I was expecting; O'Shea winning was always possible, as he's a great player, but for him to beat the Machine by such a margin was a bit of a shock.

Has anyone else noticed that the BDO players, particularly O'Shea and Waites, are playing a higher standard of darts, and a more exciting game, than they do in BDO events?

Bring on Taylor-Hankey :o)

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  1. The tastelessness of St Sabastian would fit with the genral way patron saints have been selected eg Bartholemew who was flayed alive and tanners. Go for it

    Revd Dr Ian StJohn Fisher
    Vicar of North Shoebury and Secretary Parsons Barn Darts Team