Thursday, 26 August 2010

Latest Goings On

Oops - slightly missed my personal target of at least a post per week while there's no televised tournament in progress. Busy, busy, busy :o)

So what's been going on in my absence?

Dennis Priestly may now be entitled to a bus pass, but he motored through the Australian Open Players Championship last week. The Menace took out Muffin Man Steve Hine, the two local heroes (well, as local as you can be in a country that spans 3 time zones; and anyway, everyone knows Paul Nicholson's from North Shields really) Simon Whitlock and Paul Nicholson, and finally Mark Hylton to claim the win. The victory should help him into October's World Grand Prix in Dublin, which would be nice to see.

I'm eagerly awaiting ticket details for the inaugural PDC Darts World Cup, which will be available from the beginning of September. The PDC have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the World Cup will be held this December in Tyne and Wear, which is very much in your humble author's neck of the woods :o)

I'm looking forward to the World Cup - top two players in the order of merit from 24 countries playing as teams against each other; it sounds like an interesting format.

Question: who will claim the second England spot - Mervyn King or James Wade? I know which one my girlfriend would prefer :o)

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