Monday, 26 July 2010

World Matchplay Finals and European Championship


It's always my intention to do a post a day during televised tournaments, but travel for work and family engagements have rendered that ambition unrealisable for the World Matchplay this time, I'm sorry to say. Apologies.

Well, another trophy heads for the Taylor cabinet. I dare say the usual questions will be asked about whether it's good for a sport to be so dominated by one person for so long, but I say fair play to him. Darts is considerably more popular now than it was when he started, so he can't be putting that many people off, and the whole point of a professional sport is to play as well as you possibly can.

When Phil Taylor finally does retire, I think the world of darts will miss him an awful lot.

European Darts Championship on Bravo tomorrow - last year's Championship wasn't televised, so it's great to see it back on TV. For one thing, for those of us who are financially challenged it's always good to have more darts on TV. Also, it's good to see new TV channels and new viewers becoming interested in showing and watching darts.

I shall do my best to do a post-match write-up each day. Phil Taylor will be in action tomorrow against Co stompe, which should be fun. Whitlock v. Priestly and Klaasen v. van der Voort should be fun too.

Happy watching :o)

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