Wednesday, 21 July 2010

World Matchplay - Day Four

Imagine Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet clinging to the stern of the almost vertical Titanic. Now imagine that at the last moment, Leo works out how to plug the leak with bubblegum and refloat the ship.

That's how unlikely Kevin Painter's comeback against Colin "Jaws" Lloyd was. 8-2 down, and looking for all the world like he was going out with all the red-blooded defiance of a frightened lamb, Painter came hurtling back from absolutely nowhere to win the match 11-9 with Lloyd missing a dart for the match on the way. Painter deserves credit for a classy comeback that took real bottle, but Lloyd must be kicking himself for not closing out the match.

The battle of the Marks - Dudbridge v. Walsh - was another match which went a little more than all the way, Walsh producing a stonking 160 check out and closing out a very tight match 12-10.

Barrie Bates gave Phil Taylor a bit of a shock, taking the lead at 5-4, before Taylor engaged that extra gear he just seems to have stashed away somewhere and won 5 legs on the trot. Bates pulled one back, but Taylor was unstoppable and took the match 10-6.

In the evening's final clash, Steve Beaton convincingly defeated 2010 Player's Champion Paul Nicholson. I was expectinng more from the Geordie Aussie, but it was not to be and he succumbed 10-3.

A mixed bag on the final day of the first round. Let's see what the last 16 has in store for us :o)

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