Thursday, 22 July 2010

World Matchplay - Day Five

I greatly enjoyed watching Co Stompe v. Mark Webster; not just because it was an exciting match with some great darts and great guts displayed by both players, but also because it meant hearing Sid Waddell say the word "Co". Stompe took the match 13-9, fighting off an impressive rally by Wesbster who had looked down and out earlier on, and will go on to play Barney in an all-Dutch quarter final.

Speaking of whom, Barney was in great form again for his match against Alan Tabern. The scoreline - 13-5 - would suggest that Barney went through Tabern like a dose of salts with a vindaloo chaser, but once again the match stats tell a different story. Tabern was scoring like it was going out of fashion, but Barney was clinical on his finishing whilst Tabern, though finishing very impressively early on and slamming in a 156 and a 121, lacked the consistency in that area and paid for it.

Wolverhapmton's finest Wayne Jones overcame "Rocket" Ronnie Baxter 13-9 to book his place in the quarters for the first time, managing some biblical scoring on the way - 42 ton plus scores, 14 140s and 6 maximums. Nothing against Ronnie Baxter, but it's always nice to see people come though for the first time; well done to Jones.

Tensest of the 4 matches, and highlight of the evening for me - and my girlfriend, who has this thing about James Wade :o) - was Wade v. van der Voort. The rapid fire Dutchman looked like he was going down, despite some impressive throwing, as he missed crucial doubles and slumped to 9-4 adrift. An impressive comeback from Vincent seemed to leave Wade temporarily rattled, but he pulled himself together and rallied to take the match 13-10, setting up a quarter final meeting with Wayne Jones.

Finally, my girfriend has asked me to point out that actress Sherrie Hewson is, apparently, a Darts fan. Now, I have not got the faintest clue who Sherrie Hewson is or what she's ever done, and I suspect that even if I did I wouldn't care. However, if anyone in the darting blogosphere does know who she is, feel free to enlighten me.

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