Saturday, 31 July 2010

European Championship - Day Two

Just time to dash off a few lines before heading down the Toon for the day - for those of you not from round here, that means going into Newcastle :o)

Highlight of the evening had to be the 6-5 thriller between Barneveld and Andy Hamilton. Both men threw some brilliant darts; Hamilton looked like he was running away with it at one stage but Barney fought back from 4-2 down to take the match in a final leg shoout out.

Lloyd v. Wade was another great match; Lloyd had obviously recovered from his catastrophic 8-2 ahead to 11-9 defeat at the hands of Kevin Painter, and pushed the World no. 3 from the start. Wade was not going anywhere though, and a gritty performance, including a superb 11 dart leg in the 5th, brought him to 4-4. Lloyd held out though, and some superb throwing in the last 2 legs took him to a deserved 6-4 victory.

German Bernd Roith put Dennis Ovens out in a surprising turn of events, whilst fellow German Tomas Seyler gave Michael van Gerwen a scare before succumbing 6-4.

Up and Coming Wes Newton defeated Colin Osborne 6-4 in a roller coaster match that saw Newton lead 3-0, trail 4-3 and finally win 6-4.

Ronnie Baxter v. Alan Tabern was a superb match, with the two players racking up 34 ton plus scores between them (Baxter 18, Tabern 16). Baxter took the match in the 11th with a cracking 126 Bullseye finish.

TV scoreboard was much more efficient last night, though they did still have the bingo caller refereeing a couple of legs. And why, oh, why did Dave Gorman have to do the "Hello Seyler" joke when discussing Tomas Seyler? We all knew the pun was there, but the rest of us managed to restrain ourselves.

Happy darting :o)

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