Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Premier League Final - Phil Taylor's two 9 darters

The lights may have failed at Wembley on the Sunday, but there was no "Power" failure on the Monday (sorry, couldn't resist it).

It may be a while after the event, but I've haven't been able to blog for a while and just can't resist commenting on this fantastic match.

A good thing it was on the Monday too; I would have missed it if it had been on the Sunday. Fortunately (for me, if not for those who pitched up at Wembley on Sunday) fate intervened, and on Monday I was able to watch what must be the greatest televised darts match in history.

By the time Phil came within a whisker of his 3rd 9 darter I'd left the edge of my seat and was hovering somewhere above it. Sid Waddell was so excited I was half-expecting a doctor with a sedative to storm the commentary box at any moment.

Stephen Fry in the commentary box? I missed that bit (long drive, only caught the final match), perhaps someone could enlighten me as to how well he did...? Of course, our new Prime Minister recently mentioned that he's a darts fan (was it on Desert Island Discs?) so if they're thinking of aiming even higher in the celebrity stakes in future...

Ah, what a match though. Just when you think "The Power" can't get any better, he proves you wrong. Hats off to James Wade too though, and not just because my girlfriend will moan at me for leaving him out - she rather likes him :o) It's not be easy to be Phil Taylor's opponent in any match, and especially not a match like that, but I thought Wade acquitted himself very well - especially since in the early stages it looked like he wouldn't even make the play-offs.

Congratulations to Phil Taylor for being the first to throw two 9 dart legs in a single match; as one commentator pointed out afterwards, it's probably just as well he missed the third one - if he hadn't, there'd have been nothing left for him to achieve.

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