Thursday, 3 June 2010

PDC Chairman Barry Hearn takes over World Snooker

Here's the full story

I hope the PDC's Great Helmsman is as successful with snooker as he was with darts. I enjoy watching and playing snooker (not much cop at it though, a bit like darts), but the recent attempts to add pizzazz with darts-style walk-on music have frankly been painful to watch - it was a bit like seeing your dad try to cut it on the dance floor at your secondary school Christmas party: everyone feels uncomfortable, and it's about as convincing as a Nissan Micra with cardboard spoilers at the British Grand Prix.

In all honesty, watching major BDO events feels a bit like that too - just uncomfortably wrong, somehow, as if someone's hired an MC, Cameramen and full lighting rig to cover a match at the Dog and Duck, Gateshead. Not that there aren't great players in the BDO - Martin Adams, Ted Hankey (love him or loathe him, he's good), Andy Fordham was a personal favourite of mine (joined the PDC last year), who I sincerely hope will make a comeback - but the Organisation itself is failing at the top level. The "World Championship" at the Lakeside feels oddly dowdy and 1980s - I keep expecting Crazy Nights to strike up and Eric Bristow to stroll out, although of course, sadly, he never does. Watch a BDO event followed by a PDC event and the contrast is obvious.

Good luck with snooker Barry...

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