Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My Darts

Having talked a lot about pro darts recently, I thought I'd discuss darts at the very opposite end of the spectrum :o)

Readers of this blog have already seen my darts, since they're the ones displayed in the blog title - 19 gram, steel and brass-plated Unicorn Level Ones, obtained for a discount £3.50 courtesy of a sports shop in the Metro Centre, Gateshead.

A pretty basic choice, but they throw well enough and are just fine for a darts player of my level - beginner, basically. The most consistent bit of advice I received was 'Don't spend a lot of money on your first set of darts' and I've certainly taken that advice to heart - not a sliver of tungsten in sight.

For anyone who doesn't know, tungsten is a much denser metal than steel, which enables tungsten darts to be much slimmer than steel darts for any given weight. This allows for extra tight grouping, but given that RAF pilots equipped with cluster bombs are currently achieving tighter grouping than I am it's not really something I have to worry about :o)

I did have a more expensive set when I played as a kid, but they seem to have been thrown out by my mother when I left home, though for some reason she didn't chuck out the darts wallet, and the 3 sets of flights it contained, which I'm now using. I'd like to find a set of Newcastle United flights to complement my old Spurs flights - two football teams in my life: Spurs from my childhood down south, and Newcastle from my adulthood up north. You wouldn't have thought that would be too difficult in Durham, but live and learn.

I'm getting very fond of my darts though - I suspect every darter has a soft spot for their first set of darts. If anyone has any tales of their first darts that they'd like to share, or any tips for a beginner on how to practice and improve, please do share them :o)

All I need now is a dartboard...

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  1. That's a great lookin' set and I'd say a great set to get used to!