Thursday, 10 June 2010


As mentioned at the end of my last post, I currently lack a dartboard at home.

The one I used as a kid is still attached to a wall in my parents' house, but it's basically knackered and I need a new one.

Until I get one the only place I have to throw darts is my local pub; whilst this has certain distinct advantages, it lacks the blessed cloak of anonymity which beginners like to have when practising - and, frankly, the thought of one of the regulars challenging me to a game (we're friendly like that in the north east) is terrifying since it would make the recent Phil Taylor v. Kevin Painter fixture look like a two-sided game.

So, I need to buy a dartboard, to enable me to reach the standard at which I would feel confident about throwing darts in the presence of people who aren't terrible at it :o)

I was on fairly solid ground purchasing darts - cheapest decent set going - but I must confess I'm a bit more at sea when it comes to choosing a dartboard. I don't need something heinously expensive with wires the thickness of dental floss, but I would like something that will last a long time, and wires small enough to keep dart resharpening to a minimum. As far as I can tell dartboards are made of pretty much the same material, so I'm wondering what the major differences are between the wide variety of boards on offer, and what the extra money would buy me if I went for one of the more expensive options (at the moment I'm looking in the £20-£30 range).

If anyone has any advice on choosing a dartboard, or can enlighten me as to what the differences between board types are (beyond wire size), please do. Also, is it true that Winmau boards have slightly smaller double and treble beds than Unicorn boards, or is that just a rumour put about to try and show that BDO players are better than PDC players?

On a related note, thanks to Rags for being the first person to leave a comment on this blog (and for saying nice things about my darts). I hope others will follow his shining example... :o)


  1. I'm sure you'll get more players chiming in! As far as a practice board for the house I'd say just buy a sisal board that fits your budget and start throwing. You'll get your moneys worth out of it and be able to research other boards for the time you need to replace your first one. The smaller trips and doubles refers to a practice board designed for that, I hear they're great to have!

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