Monday, 3 May 2010

Raymond van Barneveld: Nine Dart Leg - and I Missed It!

This seems like a good topic for my first proper post.

I hate cooking. I spend as little of my life doing it as possible. However, I was cooking for myself and my girlfriend on Thursday 29th April, whilst watching the Premier League Darts - watching darts and cooking at the same time? How 'new man' is that? Anyhoo, I get up to make sure everything on the oven is doing ok: while my back is turned Barney makes a nine dart leg...!!!

I feel so.... Aaargh! It's not Barney's fault my back was turned. Dammit, it's so good to have him back on form and throwing properly again. After a long time with Barney off form, to see (or in my case miss) him throwing a nine dart leg is just fantastic.

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