Monday, 10 May 2010

May 6th - The Tension, the Drama...

Unforgettable night, the 6th of May.

I was there from the start, watching the drama unfold, counting the results as they came in. Yes, I was indeed in the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle upon Tyne, watching the Premier League Darts. My girlfriend has a thing for James Wade, so she came away disappointed. Phil Taylor-Terry Jenkins looked initially like it was going to be very close, but in that inimitable Power way Phil drew clear.

Barneveld-King was exciting, primarily for the crowd reaction - they cheered Barney to the rafters and heckled King (at least in the first half - an official came on stage and asked them not to in the second half) to an extent I'd never seen before. Short of doing his walk-on in a Sunderland strip, it's hard to see how he could have got a much more hostile reaction; Christ knows what King had done to piss the citizens of Newcastle off so much.

Anyway, having driven back from Newcastle (don't live far away) we discovered that, apparently, there was an election on that night, and settled in with beer and snacks to watch the results. Much slower, but almost as exciting :o)

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